M O N T E   

Some people are lucky enough to realise what they want to do in life from an early age. Me? I've tried my hand at a lot of different things like being in the Army, working as a mechanic, computer programming, hospitality, creative writing, motor racing and many more. The one thing that has lasted my entire lifetime is my passion for audio. After using Ableton for 6 years producing and recording artists, I realised that my love for music was growing and not dwindling, so much so  I moved interstate from the A.C.T to Melbourne to attend the SAE (School of Audio Engineering) university in Melbourne. 

During my time at SAE I studied many facets of audio including: mastering, recording, live sound, mixing, sound design for film and video games, audio implementation and the intricacies of the industry. At present my days include recording foley, recording soundscapes/ambiences and creating sounds designs for video games on IOS, Android, PC and Mac. 

Audio is inspiring and amazing in its ability to make people reflect on life and themselves. I enjoy creating audio that enriches the lives of those who hear it, and in turn hopefully inspire others to pursue their passion.        

A N D R E W    M O N T E