Composition Services


Adam Scott-McGuinness

Composer for

video games and media. 

I discovered my love of composing music for games by accident in 2014 when a casual discussion online with a sound designer led me to writing an adaptive piece of music for a student game. It wasn't long after that I secured my first contract with an indie studio in Melbourne called "Good Game Productions." From then I was hooked on trying to discover innovative ways to implement audio and enhance emotion in the gaming medium.

I feel like all the experience and education I have received has unknowingly prepared me for this path. I have a bachelor degree from the Conservatorium of Music in Hobart during which I was listed on the Deans Roll of Academic Excellence, and inducted into the Golden Key International Honours Society. I have made music for various short films and advertisements (including Boost Juice and Retail Safari), worked on remixes and produced three independent EPs.

Past studios I've work with are Good Game Productions, Sirius Games, One Rat Games and more. I am currently working with Storm in a Teacup (a gaming studio in Rome) on the theme music for their upcoming survival horror game "Close to the Sun."