Sky's The Limit EP Timeline


One of the projects I am working on at the moment involves a band named Sky’s The Limit, this will be spread out over 7 weeks in total due to availability, we estimate to have over 60 hours of studio time clocked. The project is an EP release containing 5 cover songs and 2 remixes for a total of 7 tracks (initially is was 4 covers, but has since expanded to 5). This projects involves a team of four; Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Producer and Runner. The tracks will be remixed by EMP Producer Chris Dynasty. Included in this release will be a printed CD with artwork.

Week 1    (JUL 17 - 24, 2015)

Friday the 17th was an 8 hour session (obviously already passed). We tracked the drums alone to guide and click tracks.

Resources - Dave (drummer and drumkit), Sub kick for extra bottom end in the kick, Audient studio and Rec space.

By setting time limits and sticking to the plan, all tracks were recorded with success. Throughout the week basic drum editing and cleaning was done to prep for the next studio session.


Week 2   (JUL 24 - 31, 2015)

Friday the 24th was another 8 hour session, consisting of keys and bass guitar tracking over the previous recorded drum tracks. The drummer and drums were also brought in case we had spare time to track anything at the end of the planned session. Which in the  end we set up the drums and tracked 1 more song live with the drums, keys and bass all at the same time.

Resources - Josie (keys and keyboard), Gus (bass and bass cab), Dave (drummer and drums), Audient studio and rec space.


Week 3  (24 - 31 JUL, 2015)

This week is all about comping the best takes and making a reasonable mix in preparation for the vocals, any overdubs or final arrangement issues will be done on the Friday the 31st.  We have divided the allocation for who is preparing which track for this session.

Resources - On the night will be lead female vocalist Broni singing and drummer Dave rapping and singing. The keyboard will most likely be brought in for a few extra parts. The Audient studio and rec space will be used.


Week 4   (1 - 8 AUG)

By this week every component should be have been recorded and mixing can begin. Once again the tracks have been discussed and divided out amongst our team as per group contract we agreed upon. We have 3 studio sessions booked this week for a total of 16 hours dedicated to mixing.

Revision with the band will take place and communication established for changes.


Resources - Mixing will take place firstly in the box (mainly prep) for final mixing on the Audient 8024 taking advantage of the outboard gear.


Week 5  (8 - 15 AUG)

This week is dedicated to mastering and any final mixing changes. Revision with the band will take place and communication established for changes.

Resources - Mastering will be taking place in the Mastering suite taking advantage of acoustics, monitors and outboard gear.


Week 6   (25-22 AUG)

This will be the week for the initial launch, it will be an exhibition where people can come and listen, critique and give welcomed feedback. Comments and suggestions will be taken on board for the final handover / release the week after.

Resources - Exhibition location to be decided upon.


Week 7  (22-29 AUG)

Everyone will come together for a meeting, all tracks finalised and CD’s printed. Official handover to artist. Further discussions will take place for work into the future and possibilities of playing live gigs to help launch the band.

Resources - Meeting place to be decided upon.